Thursday, February 24, 2011


I know, it's nerdy. But it's time to talk bookcases, and just how cool they can be!

Notice how everything in this room seems to fall into the same color scheme? We all know publishers love bright book covers that will catch your eye while browsing at B&N, that beg, "Buy me, buy meeeeeee!" An easy solution to keep your books beaten into color scheme submission is to make slipcovers! So, so easy to get butcher paper and just write the title and author on the spine, and presto! That bright pink shopping novel now blends in with your tan, navy blue, crimson, and white living room.

This is so cool! And sooooo intense. I know I don't own that many books. I love that the window looks like it is set deep into the wall, and there are ledges to add fun flair to, like a vase of flowers, or a collection of frames.

Check it! All the books are color coordinated. Forget about organizing by subject, author, genre...oh no. Color? Yes. Another easy solution by slipcovers, if you want to even out the ratio of pink shopping books to yellow and orange cookbooks. 

I also love how you can stage a bookcase, and draw the eye to different elements on the bookshelves. I love the bust on the top, but check out the orange and white candle! Stacking books is also different, and makes it fun to look at.

Bookshelf stairs. Stairs!! This is crazy! But SO cool! I have no idea how this could be done, or how it is even feasible, but how fun would this be in your local bookstore? What a creative way to shelve books, and how fun would it be to climb up and down these?

Happy Thursday!  

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