Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Changeup Alert

(I know I've complained a lot about the cold weather, so expect a ton of happiness and freaking out about how excellent the weather is now.)

Have you BEEN outside yet?! It is 72° outside. 72°. In February. I am so happy. I am wearing shorts, my new kicks, and walking slow, enjoying the sunshine. It's actually nice to walk around campus! And plus, after months and months of wearing heavy clothes, and lots of them, isn't it nice to see your skin? Not going to lie...I missed my legs. They were always covered by leggings, jeans, thick socks, boots, etc. I missed seeing those little white guys! The weather is making going to class so much more pleasant. And as my meteorology professor said, we probably won't have any cold weather for several weeks. (WEEKS!) I am so excited. I don't think I'll be inside much.

On another happy note, I have a "fresh" decorating idea for you:

Hanging plates!

How fun are those walls? Hanging plates seems like such a new, interesting way to spice up your walls. Plus, you only have to buy one plate at a time, not a whole set. So in the end, cost could be pretty low. The plates can be all different sizes and shapes and colors! I mean, you could stay with a uniform theme, like in the second picture, or you could just go for a fun combination, like in the first and third pictures! Anyone else like the peacock plate in the first pic? This is just another idea I have tucked away in the back of my mind...just some dining room fun!

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