Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Humbling Rhetorical Questions

Recently, I read through Job 38-42, and was reminded of so many things. We all know the story of Job, but rarely, I feel, have ever read through it completely. Basically, by chapter 38, Job has gone through many reactions to his troubles, but is asking "WHY?" of God, demanding an explanation. Job, of course, is completely unaware that a cosmic battle is going on, with him in the middle. In chapters 38-41, God answers Job out of a storm, and gives him an answer--but in a different way.

Job 38:1-7, 12,16-18, 31-32, 35-36

"The the Lord answered Job out of the storm. He said:

'Who is this that questions my widsom with such ignorant words?
Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me.
'Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation?
Tell me, if you understand.
Who marked off its dimensions?
Surely you know!
Who stretched a measuring line across it?
On what were its footings set,
or who laid its cornerstone--
while the morning stars sang together
and all the angels shouted for joy?

Have you ever given orders to the morning,
or shown the dawn its place?

Have you journeyed to the springs of the sea
or walked in the recesses of the deep?
Have the gates of death been shown to you?
Have you comprehended the vast expanses of the earth?

Can you bind the beautiful Pleiades?
Can you loose the cords of Orion?
Can you bring forth the constellation in their seasons,
or lead out the Bear with its cubs?

Do you send the lightning bolts on their way?
Do they report to you 'Here we are?'
Who endowed the heart with wisdom
or gave understanding to the mind?'"

Reading over this is so incredibly humbling. Who am I to question the God of the universe? Who am I to pretend that I know anything? Who am I to pretend that I have any sort of power or control at all? How utterly amazing is God! The lightning bolts report to him! He can move stars! He has walked on the bottom of the sea, and seen the gates of Hell! How amazing is it that the stars sing? He orders the morning! He shows the dawn its place!

Of course, this is only a small snippet of verses from chapter 38. Chapter 39 continues in the same manner, and God begins to talk about the animals and beasts of the world. Just reading over the verses, it is clear to see the utter love God has for his creation. He cares for the lions, he provides prey for them. He watches the doe give birth to the fawn, and protects them. When the raven cries of hunger, he feeds it. He praises his creation, the horse, for his strength and heart. The horses's personality. God knows every detail. He knows his creation, he has seen that it is good. What a reminder that the Lord knows us so thoroughly and deeply! Does this not stir your affections for God? How can it not?!

Job being questioned by God reminded me of another passage from Exodus 4, when God is telling Moses to go to Egypt, and free the Hebrews. Moses has protested several times, and communicates to God that he is not the "man for the job" because he is, and always has been, slow of speech. The Lord answers him with this:

Exodus 4:11-12

"The Lord said to him, 'Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the Lord? Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.'"

This again, is humbling. Who am I to tell God that I cannot be used by him? He has demanded me of it--who am I to tell the RULER OF THE UNIVERSE that he picked the wrong person? We are not too broken to be used by God. Because....

2 Corinthians 12:9

"But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.'"

Praise God!

(I'm almost done, I promise.)
One final thing I noticed, which I thought was really interesting, and really cool. Who says the Bible isn't in popular culture and film? Listen to the first 22 seconds of this trailer, then read the following verses below.

Job 39

vs. 24: "In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground..."
vs. 21: "He paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength..."
vs. 21: "...and charges into the fray."                         
vs. 22: "....afraid of nothing."                                   
vs. 24: ".....when the trumpet sounds."                     

Well, hello there, it's GOD talking in Secretariat....

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