Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Details, Big Effect

There are small things in every home that can make big punches in visual interest, and make a house even more "yours." Example:

RULERS! How crazy creative is that?! What a fun detail, and a great way to spice those up!

Here's another area of a home that is nearly always blank:

How fun! I probably wouldn't put the table there, or own that weird puppy lamp, but I'd rather let the entire area just speak for itself. Sometimes spaces don't always have to be super functional--sometimes they can just look pretty.

I'm not sure if you remember, but a different post I mentioned how crazy I am about doors. I love doors with big windows, or different styles!

I mean, I know it's the door to the bathroom, but it's so creative and different! I love the edging in it, and the high windows. Those allow for light, but no peeking while you are...erm...doing your business. Anyway, I would love this to be my front door. It's different, and does not have blurry or decorative glass. I'm sorry, half of America that I'm angering with this statement, but I do not care for that kind of door. Bleck.

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