Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not Again....

It's Tuesday, and therefore, I am in need of more sleep, time, and the weekend! Since none of those are going to make an appearance anytime soon, I'll just counsel myself looking at these lovelies:

Looking at this picture makes me want spring/summer even more! (Not the snow we are supposed to get tonight!) Who wouldn't love to sit on this patio with a good book, iPod in hand, glass of lemonade nearby, sunglasses on your nose while the sun beats down on your shoulders at a balmy 88 degrees? (If it's not clear by now, I think about warm weather a lot. I love it. Looooove it.)

I think I could sleep for ever and ever and ever and ever in this room! I love the calm color scheme, the fancy schmancy chandelier, and the bedside table. Though I might be afraid to walk on the carpet.

I love this color scheme! The couch pops against all the gray, and the mustard yellow does too! And check out the stencil on the coffeetable...a nice changeup from the standard. I think sitting/laying on this couch would be fun, to be surround by my my favorite colors....ahhhh.

Is that not the coolest bookshelf you have ever seen in your life?!

With the terrible weather that is headed our way, I would love to snuggle up under this bedding. Who wouldn't?

Stay warm tonight! (And tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that....) Who knows when I will resurface into the world again? Probably when it's 70 degrees. I am considering trying to get all my classes online, so I never ever ever have to go into the cold again. Sounds reasonable, right?

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