Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm Back...

I vowed when I started this blog that I wouldn't be "that girl" who didn't blog for weeks,  and weeks, and weeks. I love the blogs I follow, and it's so disappointing to check consistently, to find nothing changed! And yet...look who I morphed into. So sad. It's been a minimum of three weeks, and I am so sorry! In my defense, though, I caught a really bad cold, and was miserable for about two weeks. Then came midterms, and my lack of motivation to do anything that didn't avoid Netflix or my TV shows. Then came Spring Break, where I went to Florida, so that's really just an explanation in itself. But, I am here to annouce that I am back! (Hopefullyfor a while.)

Here's what I saw all spring break:


I also read like nobody's business. Very rarely do I read for pleasure anymore--too often I find that there is nothing worth reading! But this break, I finished five--FIVE--books in six days. Here's the "newbie" I read, which was actually quite fascinating:

It was all about the discovery/production of insulin, and the people involved in the entire process. It was extremely well-written, and for someone who isn't in the medical field (ha) it was very easy to read and understand. And so interesting! Diabetes was basically a death sentance--children diagnosed very rarely lived past three years after diagnosis. Patients were recommended to go on the "Allen diet," a diet that was designed to sustain life--and that's it. A normal child's daily caloric count is around 2,000. Children on the Allen diet cut down to 500 calories or less per day. Very rarely is the discovery of insulin significant on the public's radar--the scientific discoveries that are hailed are the making of the polio vaccine, and the discovery of penicillin. This slips by the wayside, when, really, it shouldn't!

Here is a little graphic I found that I love. These are my favorite colors, and I love the short message:

Love it.

Enjoy Monday tomorrow....or not. Cause I know I won't....

P.S. My birthday is on Wednesday! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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