Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bevo BBQ

September 30th was fun.
Why, do you ask?
Well, it's because it was Bevo BBQ, Theta's Western-themed date party the weekend before OU/TX. (While we're at it, how 'bout them Sooners?!?!) Anyway, Bevo was a ton of fun! Every year, girls decorate buckets for their dates, and basically give their date a goody basket. This year, I made one for my date, J! And personally, I think it turned out pretty well:

Easy peasy, and a blast to make! Here are some other fun pictures from Bevo:

Our group! It was so fun to be with them.

We...like to be Charlie's Angels.

Our friend, L, a Chi-O! We love her. A whole lot.

C and I kiting my date, J! (My friends and I have a theory that boys love to be kited...)

Me and my roomies! I love living with these two girls!

Bevo 2011=success

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