Thursday, September 22, 2011

You're Right

--it has been a long time since I've blogged. But, you know, life happens. If you scroll down a tad more and see my previous post, you'll see life has happened in a big way for me about three weeks ago. But hey, it's all good. Because God is good. And He uses everything to work in our lives, even the bad stuff that happens to us. But anyway, I am planning on trying to post everyday, by setting up posts early and scheduling them. (Mwahahaha--you will never know! Or...whoops, too late.) Why will I do this? Because I like my blog. I think it's fun and cute. And I want to keep it up. (Pity that takes typing.) Anyway, I have some DIY crafts (by some I mean a ton) coming up, and you guys will get to see all the pretty. Plus I hope to show at least some fun pictures e'erday. So, here's to the first day of posting (consistently), and a little graphic that made me chuckle the other day:

Preach it, Calvin.

And I apologize for the scatterbrainedness that just happened. I'll be better tomorrow. My b.

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