Monday, August 15, 2011

Fall Fashionista

So, I don't talk about clothes much. On here, at least. And in reality, not in life, either. (Atleast, I hope this is true. Friends, is it?) But, with fall coming around the corner, I'm getting steadily more obsessed with clothes that I'll be able to wear in 70 degree weather. I'm ready to get out of these triple digit temperatures people!

First, I have to admit...I've never owned a pair of boots before. So, after seeing this picture on Pinterest, I broke down and bought some, knowing for some time now that they were probably an essential to my closet that I was missing.

Are these not adorable?! These cuties can be purchased here.

So, logically, I am really excited to try these kids out. On some outfit inspiration like this:

C'mon October! You can't get here soon enough.

I also miss wearing sweatshirts. I am a cold-natured person to begin with, so I'm usually chilly. (A sad fact, I know. I've been told many times, guys, don't worry.) Anyway, I miss wearing warm sweaters and sweatshirts, like these cuties:

I love gray. Sorry I'm not sorry. I know it's bland, but don't knock my neutrals. Because I plan on WOWing all of you with this:

Ka-BLAM right?!

But, alas, since it's still summer, I have to daydream about fall and wait patiently for cooler temperatures, while wearing some cute summer dresses. Like this baby:

Okay, I promise, my fashion rant is over. Sorry, sorry, I'm a girl, gotta get it out of my system. I promise this week I'll blog about home/decorating stuff, since that is really what I adore.

Happy Monday!

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