Monday, August 22, 2011

DIY Vases

So. We all are familiar with mason jars. Like these:

I think that in some way, mason jars are probably all included in some childhood memories. Like, for me, I think of pickles. My grandfather grew cucumbers in his garden, and my grandmother pickled them. I'll always remember reaching for the best pickles ever from those mason jars. Then, washing them out, and giving them back to Grandma, for the next cucumber season! (Her pickles are the best, hands down. No argument.)

Anyway, I've noticed that mason jars are making an appearance again. And a pretty big one, if I do say so myself. I've never seen so many pictures using mason jars as drinking glasses, flower vases, or candy jars in my life! I've several pictures of empty glass bottles and jars (with the labels soaked off) painted different colors, and used as vases, or shelve decoration. Like these:

I think these are so charming!

This is such an easy DIY project. And look! I even found a nice little picture of how to do it. Maybe Grandma will let me have some of her jars, and I can paint a few of my own!

Happy Monday!

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