Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jewelry Organization

Okay, so I'm a huge fan of organization. And that also pertains to the little things that sparkle, hang, dangle, and tangle! Organizing jewelry can be really fun and creative, with easy DIY ideas! Here are a few jewelry stands that I love:

This kid is found here.

I love this one! Found here.

So pretty! I love the colors on this kid, found here.

Here are some of the DIY ideas I found, which I would love to try out someday.

Old metal rake as a necklace organizer. You could keep it rusty, or sand it down and spraypaint it a fun color!

Put an old picture frame to good use!

I love this idea! Painted branches on the wall, then pushpins, well, pushed,
into the wall. Then hang necklaces! Love it!

Another personal favorite: shower hooks hung on a towel rack. So fun!

Oh, so cute! A board (I'm assuming), covered with fabric, and cabinet hooks screwed in, to hang dangly earrings on. And you can screw in doorknobs, to hang necklaces. How cute is that?! How do people come up with these ideas? (And why can't I think of any of them?!)

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