Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh So Kitch-y

I know, I know. I spelled it wrong. But I did it on purpose. Ha. Because I think it's high time for some kitchen posts! See? My posts may span a couple days, because I have so many beautiful pictures to show you! (Plus, if I spread it out, then I can post for days and days about the same thing...tee hee.)

First: chalkboard walls! I would love to put a small chalkboard wall of something in my house. It would be so fun! I like this idea that several other people have had... that not a bucket of fun?! Plus, I love the idea of not wasting a ton of paper on grocery lists. You know how it goes: roommate realizes you need dishwasher detergent. Takes the list down from the fridge, writes it down, then doesn't put it back on the fridge because she ran to answer the door for the Publisher's Clearing House people. After all the festivities, the counter is covered in confetti, and your grocery list can't be found anywhere. So you have to start a new list, because you realize you need ice cream, and all it's toppings, in order to properly celebrate. (And so on and so forth.) And after you run to Wal-Mart for the ice cream supplies, you eat the sundaes, start to clean up, and realize you cannot wash off the syrup that is all of a sudden like glue to your dishes because you have no dishwashing soap. And you and your roommates are up a creek, until someone volunteers to run across town to Wal-Mart for the one item, wasting gas, time, money, and trees. This could have been completely avoided if the list was in a central, immobile place. Like on a chalkboard wall. (Scenario may change according to your living situation.)

This is the dramatic story I plan on telling when anyone protests "why in the world I would get a chalkboard grocery list." It's economical. Seeeeeeee? HA.

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