Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration

Sometimes, I see pictures of bedrooms that I think are perfect in every way, and if only it could be mine... And then there are bedrooms where I see one piece, one little aspect that I love, and want to incorporate into a future bedroom. Here is a mix of a few I have fallen (completely or partially) in love with:

 This picture is from Young House Love. See how the walls seem to be built around the bed? Well, actually, those are Ikea closets, covered with curtains! I love this idea. What a space user/saver.

I love several things about this room (such as the amazing wood floors), but my true favorite, close-to-my-heart aspect of this picture is the how the bed frame comes out to make a bench. I can imagine myself sitting there putting my shoes on!

I know this isn't really a "room," but I love the colors! And the clock! I am in love with gray and yellow (and light blue). Doesn't that bed look so comfy?

Remember what I just said? Gray and yellow, baby, gray n' yellow. Don't those curtains just pop?! And check out the fancy schmancy light fixture...

What I love in this picture are the candle holders on the wall. Aren't those the coolest?! Each has a unique placement of the candles (or most do) and the little tea lights add such a fun aspect to the wall.
Please excuse the unformed, short sentences this next picture induces:

Headboard. Colors. Headboard. Coral. Light blue. Patterned pillows. Headboard.

I love the wood. Love it. It gives this room such a modern feel!

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