Saturday, April 9, 2011

Such an Easy DIY

Okay, so this is a really easy DIY I did, (and it's not the one I promised the other day) but I thought I'd share it. This summer I will be in a wedding for my dear friends J&Z. I am one of J's bridesmaids, and her first shower is in a week! I decided to give them a fun home "decorating" piece, instead of the practical gifts they will be receiving from everyone else. While those are so much fun, I thought that getting a piece that really says "We are married now!" would be fun. Their last name will begin with an "M," and their dishes are fiesta-ware red, so I thought I'd shoot for that color with this spraypaint:

This brand of spraypaint has worked really, really well for me. Especially when in January, I redid my room at home, and spraypainted a metal "S" I've had for years:

So anyway, here is the self-explanatory project!

During the spray-painting process. It took several coats to cover up the gold, but I think it turned out well:

There it is! I hope J&Z like it, and I can't wait to see it in their new house!

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