Saturday, April 2, 2011

Office Space

I love the creativity that can come from an office space. Unfortunately, my life plan does not include the need for myself to have a home office, so I can just look at pretty pictures and dream a little...and get ideas for other areas in a house/apartment!

I am literally drooling. I wish this much creativity flowed out of me. But it does not. I love the shelves!

I think a corkboard wall would be SO cool somewhere! Just pin cute graphics, photos, and quotes, plus random little trinkets to it that would just brighten your day all day long!
I. Love. This. Wall.

I would just like to draw your attention to the "cool gold fern thing" on the wall. Love it. Plus, I love the mustard chair! I think this is one of the few pictures where the color really works.

This photo is from the blog Young House Love, of their office. I absolutely love what they did with the wall space in front of the desk. Super creative! Plus, it looks like the shelves don't jut out much, which would cause a lot of hassle. Simple, easy set up and decoration, plus, when they get bored, they can just switch all the pics and graphics around! (That's what I would do anyway.)

I saved my favorite for last. I love the different shades of light blue. I can't say much else, because I am busy wiping the drool off my chin. I am so envious!

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