Monday, April 18, 2011

I Confess....

I love subway tile. And not Subway restuarant tile, but subway tile! I think it looks so clean and classy.

I would love to implement this in atleast a kitchen someday. I think it looks amazing! Plus, when you are cooking, you don't have to worry about something splattering onto the plaster. You can easily wipe it off! I'd love to have a kitchen where a majority of surfaces in it could be wiped down. So clean!

But subway tile is not limited to only kitchens. It also looks fabulous in bathrooms. Which is so not a surprise.

I love that subway tiles can be glass or ceramic. I love the look of glass tiles, such as the second kitchen picture. It looks AMAZING!

Happy Monday! (Only 3 more Mondays of the semester left. Heck yeah.)

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