Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Someday, I will have my own space. One that is a blank slate of possibility, that I can paint, decorate, detail, and design, all on my own. There won't be a university or landlord telling me I cannot paint the walls, that I must keep the furniture provided for me and cannot alter it, or that I cannot put any holes in the walls. This promise to myself keeps me going through white, blank walls, and black metal furniture. Until that day comes, I counsel myself with these pretties:

I love how this works. The colors are cohesive together, and in looking at the pictures, your eyes get a break with the solid color "pictures."

Check out this amazing bathroom...I would love to take a bath in that monster of a tub!

I have a thing for doors. In my opinion, your front door is the first thing people really see, especially because they spend some time staring at it, waiting for you to open it.

And floors. Mmm. Love floors. Growing up with hardwood floors, I cannot imagine having anything else in my house! I love wood floors. And this deep color....so pretty.

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  1. Someday when you have your own place...it will be the best place ever, I can see you've already got some killer design plans.