Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Easy DIY

Over break, I went a little DIY and project crazy. I changed/added a ton of things to my room at home, also known as "the room I don't live in anymore." I painted a wall, hung several prints and pictures, and did several other little things. One of my favorite projects I did was adding a little flair to my lamp situation on my bedside table. The first thing I did was purchase a new lamp base, that matched my new color scheme. I purchased my little baby for a steal--only $10 to the normal $25! I then found a different lampshade that was tucked in a linen closet in our house, and went to work, my end project looking like this:

I made little rosettes, and attached them to my lamp! I was asked not to hot glue the rosettes to the lamp shade, so I came up with an alternative solution. After making the rosettes, following the steps from another blog found here, I hot glued flathead tacks to the back of the rosettes, and popped them through the cloth of the lampshade. And PRESTO! A new, fabulous, bedside lamp just waiting to be turned on! I, for one, couldn't wait to crawl into bed and read next to it. ;)

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